Why Mobile Matters

If you’ve read a recent quarterly report for any consumer oriented Fortune 1000 company, you’ve most likely read something about how mobile is a big part of that company’s growth strategy. And, for those companies who have already embraced mobile, you probably read some pretty impressive statistics re: mobile.

Case in point, Mark Okerstrom, CFO for Expedia reported that in Q4, 2012, Expedia had a day where they had more mobile app downloads than actual transactions on their website.

expedia mobile results

It’s not surprising because more and more people have mobile devices.  In fact, many people have multiple devices.  See the following report from SNL Kagan predicting more mobile subscribers than US population starting in 2014.


When people have multiple devices, they are always connected which is dramatically impacting how they shop, browse, consume media and communicate with one another.

But the following two images reported by NBC, one in 2005 and one in 2013 when the Pope was elected really tell the story for how far mobile has come in such a short timeframe.


Despite the rapid growth in mobile adoption, the experience for the user leaves something to be desired.  I’m often asked to download a brand’s app when I already have it.  And, when I click on an email or social link, I’m usually taken to the website even though I have the mobile app and it delivers a much more compelling experience.

At SPARQ, we’ve worked with many category leaders in retail, travel and gaming and have encountered a lot unique challenges and learned a lot together.  If there is one thing that is constant, it is that mobile is constantly evolving.  When we first started the company in 2010, many companies were struggling with the dilemma of choosing between an HTML 5 optimized mobile site or having a native mobile app.  With most companies going native, the big question now is now do we get our customers using the app.  Or better asked, how do we create a seamless experience

Our mission is to help our clients turn mobile users into customers.  We are maniacally focused on that mission.   And, we are building an inspiring company that is both fun and reward to work at.

We look forward to sharing the journey together.